Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Step 7

Monday (March 29th) was my second round of chemo. Exactly like the 1st round, all three meds were infused without adverse reactions (one of the chemo meds reacts on the 2nd infusion). I was able to complete this round of chemo in 4 hours -vs- the 5 & 1/2 with the 1st round. My side effects thus far seem to be just as mild as the 1st round. We will continue to pray for this! My blood counts are looking good to this point - another very positive note! My hair continues to fall out by the handfuls daily :(. I am still in the reconstruction process (this will take approx. 12 months for completion with one more surgery and then 2 more minor procedures). I feel very blessed to be able to continue daily living with minimal side effects. Again PTL (Praise the Lord!). And again, Thanks for your continuous prayers :). One Step at a Time, Together we will climb!

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