Thursday, September 2, 2010

Next Step

Now that chemo is complete and radiation just ended. What now? Well, I am still on Herceptin. I will continue to have to go to Kansas City every 3 weeks for the Herceptin infusion until early March. I still have many follow-up visits with the specialist in Kansas City. I also face one more major surgery, one more minor surgery and 2 more out-pt. procedures (these will begin in March). But, chemo is OVER - did I mention that chemo is over? lol. Yes, as you can tell I am grateful to be done with chemo! My hair is growing back in (very exciting).

Steps 9-36

Yes, I have neglected to update for some time now. My apologies to all. My last three rounds of chemo proved to be much more of a challenge. The accumulative effect of the chemo certainly gave me some challenges. I am grateful chemo is now OVER! My counts became very low and my energy was greatly affected. I also lost most of my hair (I referred to my hair as the Charlie Brown Christmas tree - lol). But, I still did amazingly well and I know all your prayers got me through that process and I know the Lord was with me every step. I also just completed my 33 rounds of radiation (6& 1/2 weeks). I also did the radiation in Kansas City and yesterday was my last day (yea!!!!!!). I traveled daily (Monday-Friday) to KC. I am grateful to Dad for covering for me at work - Thanks Dad your love is never failing. And thanks to my Mom, Sister, Cindy, Pat, Ethan, Hollee, Christi and everyone who went with me to KC. Your company made my long days seem fun!! ONE STEP AT A TIME...TOGETHER WE MADE IT THROUGH CHEMO AND RADIATION!!!!!