Friday, January 22, 2010


I was listening to K-LOVE this morning (K-Love is an amazing Christian radio station. Locally you can tune in at 96.1 or 90.7 and anywhere on their Internet site at : if you don't listen to K-Love now, tune in. You can even listen at your desk via their web site ). But anyway, I was listening and they asked the question "what would be your 'word' for the year"? The word GRATEFUL immediately came into my mind. I am GRATEFUL Jesus Christ is my Savior, I am GRATEFUL we serve an awesome God, I am GRATEFUL for my amazing family, I am GRATEFUL for my Church family, I am GRATEFUL for my friends, I am GRATEFUL for my co-workers, career, and my job at Wilkinson Pharmacy. I am GRATEFUL the Lord is there to carry us through the valley and lift us high upon the mountain tops. I am GRATEFUL for the support everyone is giving. I am GRATEFUL for life each and every day. So now I ask you, what would be your 'word' for this year?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cate's Climb Shirts/Bracelets

Many people have asked about the "Cate's Climb" shirts/hoodies. These are available at BooBoo's Shirt shack. You have also asked about the "Cate's Climb" pink bracelets... more are on order. I truly appreciate all your show of support and think its awesome to see all the shirts and bracelets!!!!

Step 4

My surgery is scheduled for Wednesday February 10th at the Menorah Medical Center in KC. I have now consulted with both surgeons that will be performing the surgery. As far as Chemo, the exact start date has not been determined at this time but will be soon after the surgery. So, everyone gear up because our climb is about to begin. One step at a time together we will climb!

Thursday, January 14, 2010



Step 3

Yesterday was my first appointment with my specialist. I feel reassured and very comfortable with her. Our news yesterday was very disappointing. The type of cancer I have is a resistant type of breast cancer. So, we had slipped back down to the base of the mountain (very discouraging). With this type of cancer I have not only chemotherapy but I will also be on Herceptin (a monoclonal antibody) which has a very ugly side affects profile (specifically cardiac related). I will be going back in for major surgery within the next two weeks. I will let everyone know the exact date when I find out next week. The typical breast cancer patient usually will have 12-16 weeks of chemo, I will have an entire YEAR of Herceptin! I was ready for a 16 week "climb" but a YEAR? Yes, indeed it is going to be a tough climb and much longer than first anticipated. But, I have Faith the Lord will carry me to the top :). I thank all of you for your continuous prayers, show of support and helping me on my "climb". One step at a time together we will climb!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Step 2

I have now completely recovered from my first surgery. I have an appointment with a physician specializing in breast cancer and she is also a surgeon. My appointment is on Wednesday January 13th in Kansas City. So, for now life resumes as normal. I was very excited to return to work yesterday :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

First Step

As the words Stage 3 cancer rolled out of the surgeons mouth, I felt as if I had been blindfolded and thrown at the bottom of a massive Mountain. As I began to process this information, the Lord picked me up and gently removed the blindfold. There we stood at the bottom looking up at this amazing, enormous, and at times overwhelming mountain. I can't see the top, I can't see anything but obstacles from my point of view. But, the Lord has assured me he will lead me, guide me, and at times carry me to the top. I stood there with the Lord by my side and realized I have only one option...One step at a time together we will climb. To those of you who know me well, know I am much better suited for the short hurdle jump type of sport. I like to know what obstacles are in my way, what I will be facing, who is my biggest competitor, how can I improve my game, and most importantly... I like to see the finish line. Or, better yet basketball (my favorite). I prefer to know who I am up against, see the score board, know when I am in foul trouble, and be able to call a time out. I quickly realized odds are not in my favor (bummer!). No luxury gondola ride to the top, not even a lousy ski lift chair ride (lol). No, I will have to arm myself with lots of gear (my family and friends) and Faith. And all of us together...some of you will be leading, some pushing, and I am sure at times some of you dragging me. But one step at a time together we will climb.
Although our journey is yet at the base of the mountain and our journey will be long,
The Lord has promised the view at the top is an amazing site to behold. So, everyone (yes, even you) lets huddle (as in before a basketball game). One hand in and repeat after me: One step at a time...together we will climb!