Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Step 2

I have now completely recovered from my first surgery. I have an appointment with a physician specializing in breast cancer and she is also a surgeon. My appointment is on Wednesday January 13th in Kansas City. So, for now life resumes as normal. I was very excited to return to work yesterday :)


  1. Cath,
    Sounds like you're in good hands, with GOD especially!! You are on my mind and in my prayers incessantly. "Life resumes as normal" such simple words that ease my mind. I say it all the time, but I complain about the wrong things. I have faith in our FATHER and I'm going to be there in any way I can to help. Stu will too, the many of few words but a great pray warrior. I need to talk to you about being excited about going back to work. LOL I'll talk to you soon.

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  3. Cathy,
    As you know, Chris and I have been in touch about your diagnosis and she gave me your blog address. I'd be happy to have just about anything in common with you... Except this. This really stinks and I'm sorry that it's your reality.

    Obviously, everyone's diagnosis, prognosis, and attack plan are different. Everyone's reactions (physical/emotional/spiritual) are different too. However, if there is any way my experience can inform yours, please use me as a resource. You're traveling your own road but I've been down a similar one. I stumbled a lot, had to sit down on the curb many times, let myself be carried now and then, and continually sought confirmation and directions along the way. But there were many good days of proud strides, too. I'm on the sunnier side of the street now but forever changed by the journey.

    I've been where you are right now. It's a hard, uphill "climb" for a bit. That's all there is to it. You're held in thoughts and prayers by a wider circle than you even know. I'm thinking of you, fellow traveler.

    I hope I've been smart enough to post this comment this time. I have a blog myself... you wouldn't think it would be such a challenge!

    Love to you,
    Lora Brewer Ackerman